Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Bompani Ranges Philippines


Does anyone have feedback on the Italian Bompani cook stoves?  They are sold in the Philippines by Citi Hardware.  The pricing seems quite a bit better than similar La Germania and Elba co/bPLWpdKUkfOrlando Bloom and justin bieber new reportedly got into a fight proving these Beyonce and Jay Z theories are really taking a toll on all of us. ranges but I wonder about parts and service.  We contacted Bompani at their Italian e-mail address but never received a reply. This is the Bompani range we are looking at: Bompani 90×60 “giant oven” stove The cost is about P53,000.  A similar-looking La Germania seems to be over P70,000.  Any feedback?

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Bompani Ranges Philippines

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2 Responses to “Bompani Ranges Philippines”
  1. Douglas says:

    We bought a five burner cooktop about a year ago and love it. Had some trouble with the gas connection to the stove being lose at first (figured it would be tight already since connected already to unit), but besides that 5 stars so far. Burners are very hot. In fact we rarely need to use anything over a third of the thermostat on even the smallest burner and great tank life. We are on pace to go through 2 and three tanks a year and the wife is always cooking lol and I mean always.

  2. Ronald V Rockwell says:

    We purchased a Bompani range with 6 burners: 2 electric and 4 propane. I had the idea of placing the propane tank on the outside wall and running the hose thru the wall. It is a total length ox about 6 feet.
    The two electric burners work great but, unfortunately the gas burners will start up and burn for a while then go out. They are not getting enough gas. I am wondering if the stove is set for natural gas instead of propane. We actually bought it last year and I inquired at Citi Hardware (the seller) about the problem but no luck. Perhaps they have a technician now who can fix it. I will check back with them this week. In the meantime, if anyone has a solution, I would be interested. I wish to avoid placing the tank inside the house. Ron Rockwell

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