Monday, August 20th, 2018

Roofs are responsible for up to 50% of home’s cooling loads. And that means large air-conditioning bills. If your home overheats in summer and hot weather, reflective roofs and insulation are excellent means to solve the problem. Common dark-color asphalt and fiberglass shingles absorb most of the solar radiation, and are a major cause of […]

When I first realized the extreme costs of electricity in the Philippines ( Energy Costs in the PI (Not What You Think They Are?!?) ), I immediately started looking for solutions to the problem. The very first thought that came to mind was: “Hey, I’m saving up money for this whole retirement thing, what’s the […]

This is the first of many “Energy Conservation” related articles, I will feature here. Lets first say that the “energy conservation” articles are not for the benefit of the environment (although its a nice side story 🙂 They are solely for the environment of my bank account. Looking to reduce one of the largest re-occurring […]

In my research for finding a hard budget that could rely on to base my retirement fund off of, I started researching re-occurring bills and what they would need to be. There are articles on the web that kind of gloss over the topic, many saying “retire on $800 USD per month in the PI” […]