Monday, September 10th, 2018

Over half the roof of the Hyner house is now metal tiled. Great sheets of the stuff have been pulled up on the roof for the past three days. Inside a variety of work continues. Ceiling panels are going up in most rooms as well as windows. Those in each bathroom are frosted for greater […]

As the team continued with the wall footings in the background we could see the the first window installed in the front wall of the master bedroom. The first insulation and roofing also appeared on the parking/garage. Inside the Hyner house the welders were constructing the first security grille, bending the steel into curling shapes. […]

A mechanical digger arrived on Thursday afternoon and by the end of the day had created a trench down most of the side of the Mangligot house. On Friday, however, the digger was working down the side of the back yard of the house when it hit some really hard material, almost like concrete except […]

Fencing does of course have another meaning in the English language, but I am pleased to report that the revised structural plan for our perimeter fence is now ready and we hope will receive the necessary approvals from the city engineer’s department this week so our fencing contractor can get on with construction. The amendments […]

Maybe today we finally resolved all the different problems and misunderstandings with the city engineer. He will after all will be our close neighbor when we move to Patul. Some confusion had arisen because of concerns about the back fill that had been provided by Northcon around the house and the need for additional back […]

Next week should prove very interesting. We have been told that a notice will be issued by the city engineers department although the content is at present unknown by any of this staff. When we visited city hall on Monday to ask about the overdue fencing permit the city engineer referred to a problem with […]

When we arrived at the site a couple of days ago, from a distance, it looked as if they had already installed insect screens in two windows of the Mangligot house. On closer inspection we realized that it was large dimension steel wire security netting to protect the materials they will store temporarily in the […]

Although it’s a Sunday we invariably find some of the construction team working for at least part of the day. The photos and video were taken first in the cloudy morning and then in the sunny, blue sky afternoon. Arches above the lanai supporting the viewing deck are now visible. It makes a bold statement […]

The Northcon crew were steaming ahead today. Lots of activity in every area of the house and many skills/craftsmanship in evidence. I feel a certain buzz of excitemen as I wander through the rooms of the house and see all these skills coming together to create a lovely home. I have always been fascinated by […]

Good progress has been made on the Mangligot house and effectively the walls of both houses will have been completed in under 30 days which is pretty good going. The roof trussed were going into place and the pitch checked. Walls were receiving their first of many coats of primer. Masons were at work on […]