Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

The external walls are now complete and our contractor is finishing the internal walls. Several were drying out in their formers while others were being poured with concrete. Scaffolding was being erected over the lanai to construct the viewing balcony/terrace. While the men were taking their merienda break (afternoon tea break) we took a look […]

We visited the construction site mid-morning today to capture some photos using my SLR digital camera and a range of lenses. The pictures do not really need captions. They simply show a team working very hard to complete our project. This blog is therefore more of a photo journal. Check out this video: Hyner House […]

The dimensions of our house are now much clearer. It has grown both new external and internal walls so that the first rooms are starting to appearing. The pillars supporting the porch are also now in place. The entrance steps are quite wide and make for an impressive centerpiece for the front of the house. […]

Several new walls had appeared on the Hyner house when we visited today so they seem to have something of a production line running now they have gained expertise with the first insulated concrete walls. The concrete mixer was also back in action again. I tried to take pictures of the building but it is […]

The first walls are constructed for the parking/garage/storeroom using the box system of construction. The window openings in the front wall are prepared using prefabricated curved shapes. Despite its intended use, we wanted it to look like just another part of the house, hence it will have windows to match those for the house. Check […]

The first concrete floors of our house are made. So far the floors of the garage, lanai, laundry and dirty kitchen have been completed. Waving around are all the colored pipes carrying the different services to each room. Check out this video: Hyner House Construction 23 December 2009 Well it’s now Day Two of concrete […]

After lunch we drove out with Gina’s sister to visit the construction site. The project engineer had just arrived back from a another wasted day at City Hall waiting for the City Engineer to approve the payment for and release of the building permits we applied for on 25th November. This time the excuse was […]

Things are beginning to take shape and in the absence of the release of the building permits the site is being prepared in every other way short of pouring concrete. So in a sense concreteless progress is being made! This is probably the first time the box construction system has been used in Santiago City. […]

The switch to 24-hour operation has made a big difference and we wonder why this wasn’t done from the start. However, given that the building permit application process has been so protracted, the delay in the back fill hasn’t actually held up construction. Yesterday they redistributed and compacted around seven truck loads of fresh gravel […]

Progress is being made at last. Lorries are now delivering gravel directly onto the back fill area saving considerable shoveling and wheelbarrowing. The men worked yesterday (Sunday) and even today which is a public holiday in order to reduce the slippage in the construction schedule caused by the wet weather. For the first time we […]