Friday, September 21st, 2018

Isabela House (Construction Log 13) Walls Pt.2 and Water Tank


Several new walls had appeared on the Hyner house when we visited today so they seem to have something of a production line running now they have gained expertise with the first insulated concrete walls. The concrete mixer was also back in action again. I tried to take pictures of the building but it is actually so wide that without climbing one of the trees on the road it is quite difficult getting it all in the photograph.

A query has arisen concerning the 1000 gallon overhead tank that supplies water into both properties. Talking to the project engineer this afternoon, we were astonished to learn that in spite of the fact that the plans we approved include this tank, for some reason he is not sure that the contractor will provide it and referred us to their office in Manila.

If this is the case it seems amazing that the matter has not been drawn to our attention long ago. Funnily enough a couple of weeks ago I did query why the tank in the materials yard was only 82 gallons but was advised by the project engineer that it was a different tank. That one is apparently the pressurized water tank used to take water up to the overhead tank. But no other explanation was given so we assumed that all was well.

Now, to be fair, in the past Northcon have been very professional in addressing our concerns regarding the sanitation, so we hope this is just another misunderstanding and we can resolve it in a similar way. The key is always whether the completed project is fit for purpose. No water to either property except what we can hand pump it is clearly not, so this issue must be resolved or we have a serious problem.

I am pleased to report that Northcon have again retrieved the situation. There was apparently some confusion and the wrong tank was provided. There will be an overhead tank after all and I have asked for details of the water pressure that the gravity feed system will generate. For every foot the tank is raised, water pressure from a gravity feed system increases by approximately 0.43 psi. So depending on the tank you use, in theory, you need a pretty tall tower to get up to the same pressure as a 20 to 40 psi rated pressure tank. We hope we can get reasonable pressure for this gravity system.

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