Friday, April 20th, 2018

Goggle Earth and Philippine Real Estate


Goggle Earth can be valuable free tool in evaluating possible real estate purchases.  After we bought our lot in Tigbauan, Iloilo and, we got a new computer, we had to see how the property looked on the fascinating, invaluable and addictive Google Earth program.  Google Earth is a free program which provides stunning aerial vistas of the entire globe. You can zoom in on any location. It’s available at The program is at its best if you have relatively up-to-date computer hardware. Our Tigbauan land is surrounded on all sides by what seems to be flat rice fields, sort of a tropical Kansas.  Fortunately, we have a nice vista of the mountains of Iloilo and Antique Province.  One feature of Google Earth is that it shows the elevation of any location that your mouse cursor  hovers over.  Flooding is a real problem for Iloilo property owners. So, if you locate the property you are considering, you can “cruise” your neighborhood to see if the property you are considering is in a low spot relative to surrounding properties and relative to rivers, fishponds …

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Goggle Earth and Philippine Real Estate

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