Friday, March 16th, 2018

International shipping from Iloilo City


DHL AND WIDE WORLD EXPRESS CORPORATION. FEDEX AND AIR 21 . We’ve used both of the big international shipping firms; DHL and FedEx. We recommend FedEx. FEDEX AND AIR21 . There’s FedEx office on the main floor of the Gaisano City mall in La Paz, Iloilo City,  across the river from the Atrium.  The office is at the end of the mall away from the river. There are also FedEx offices at the Mary Mart Shopping Center and another on Rizal in Lapuz, /r/REDDITORSINRECOVERY/r/AtheistTwelveSteppers/r/secularsobriety opiate Replacement Therapy discussion:/r/methadone/r/suboxone In a crisis situation you are never as alone as you feel. also in Iloilo City.  We used the FedEx Gaisano office to ship our absentee ballots to the USA.  We receive several FedEx shipments per year at our Tigbauan, Iloilo residence.  The service has been outstanding.    We have also had excellent service from the domestic Air21 service.   Phone (033) 509-0810 / 083 320-8267 The …

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International shipping from Iloilo City

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