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Isabela House (Construction Log 1) Plans and Site Inspection


The Isabela House is the retirement home of Andy Hyner. Andy is from London, England and moved to the Philippines in 2009. He designed the house based off size cues from his house back in England. The house located in Santiago City, Isabel, Philippines, on the island of Luzon. Andy is a very detailed oriented person that watched over his construction like a hawk.

His construction is located here:

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We arranged for a visit from an engineer of the construction management company who will be responsible for our building project. Prior to the site visit we discussed the plans for our house and then measured out the room dimensions in our yard to get some idea the size of each area.

We have been heavily influence by the space we had become accustomed to back in Wokingham on two levels. For this project we are going for a single level but with an equivalent amount of space overall. The lanai at the back will have a balcony area above and there will be provision for a swimming pool, although our priority is the house. There will also be a second smaller property in which Gina’s brother and his family will live and we will have a shared garden space. The lanai will be large enough for both families to eat together and there will be a barbecue close by.

We considered a number of designs before arriving at this one. In essence we wanted to maintain the double aspect look yet have the garage in front. The windows on the right wing are in fact the forward face of the garage, with the doors to one side. Unlike many of the designs you find in the Philippines we did not need a maid or driver room so that space we used for a playroom, music room and study. The pool is out of proportion but at this stage we simply wanted to see how it would fit to the rest of the design.

Our lot is wider at the front than the back. It effectively tapers from the barangay road until it meets the boundary of another lot behind at an angle, perfectly adquate for what we need since we will cultivate what we don’t use for the property itself. The actual lot area of 7,500 sqm or three quarters of a hectare (10,000 sqm) has the dimensions 50.82m wide at the front (on the barangay road), 235.74m length on the rhs to the back of the lot, 178.36m on the lhs to the back of the lot, and 49.54m wide at the back of the lot.

On 20th August an engineer from the construction company came for a site inspection:

You can view Andy’s MySpace Blog here:

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