Friday, September 21st, 2018

Isabela House (Construction Log 14) Walls Pt. 3 & Graft Revisited


The dimensions of our house are now much clearer. It has grown both new external and internal walls so that the first rooms are starting to appearing. The pillars supporting the porch are also now in place. The entrance steps are quite wide and make for an impressive centerpiece for the front of the house.

It’s getting quite exciting now being able to touch the things we’ve only seen previously in diagrams. Roof trusses are in place on the garage/parking section of our house and the exterior walls are past the halfway mark now.

Nelson reported that despite his best efforts he could not get water into the lot we have rented as the irrigation company has released insufficient water. We therefore became the proud owners of a Honda petrol engine water pump and 50 metres of large diameter hose which Nelson will use to transfer water from some covenient ponds into the area he is trying to plough ready for planting the rice seedlings. Total cost about 15,500 pesos or £170. Nevertheless it’s a handy piece of of equipment to have and will assist us in establishing our fish farm as well as irrigating the higher terraces of both the lot we own and the lot we are renting next door. Crucially we need to help Nelson get into sync with the other farmers for the next crop. Then when the irrigation water is flowing to them he will get his fair share. At the moment the others don’t need more water because they’re are about three weeks ahead, hence the problem.

Check out this video: Hyner House Construction 11 January 2010

The project engineer reported that there had been a further attempt by the city engineer to extract a “favour” payment from Northcon. This is clearly illegal under the Republic Act 9485 which came fully into force in September 2009. Public servants who violate this act are liable to suspension without pay and even dismissal. On the pretext of a problem with the structure of our house he invited the project engineer to his house on Sunday and made this new request. It is all the more astonishing considering he is the most senior head of department at city hall and reports directly to the mayor, who herself is standing for re-election in May. Yet again it is best left with Northcon to deal with the matter as they will no doubt handle it far more delicately than I would.

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