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Isabela House (Construction Log 25) Windows & Contractors


As the team continued with the wall footings in the background we could see the the first window installed in the front wall of the master bedroom. The first insulation and roofing also appeared on the parking/garage. Inside the Hyner house the welders were constructing the first security grille, bending the steel into curling shapes. The spiral staircase from the lanai to the viewing deck was also receiving further welding.

Overnight we had a little rain so it looks as if the long dry spell we have been experiencing is about to break. All the more reason for our building contractor, Northcon, to push on with the installation of the roofing now that we have refined and strengthened the roof truss structure. We noticed that the steelwork holding the roof to the walls had been further reinforced with concrete.

After the workmen packed up for the day we climbed the spiral staircase to the viewing deck for the first time. The view is amazing. Even when all the roofing is installed we will have virtually 360 degrees view as when you are standing on the deck you are higher than every section of the roof. We are already talking about the sun shade we need to put up there but it will be a great place to finish the day with a beer, looking out over the rice fields. So we probably need to add a table and some chairs.

The first double glazed window was being installed in the master bedroom complete with sliding window section and insect screen. Looks very good. The welders were experimenting with the first security grille as these will be fabricated on site for each window.

House & Wall Construction 12 March 2010

In the kitchen the cabinet construction was continuing an the wall unit in the dirty kitchen has also been installed. Just a little more to do and then they can install cupboard doors and paint everything. We noted that the kitchen worktop, the concrete of which didn’t seem very strong, more like mortar which crumbled very easily, had been completed hacked out. Just beyond the laundry floor was a pile of rubble from the old worktop. They will re pour the concrete using the proper mix this time.
……….I had an interesting exchange with Northcon today regarding the definition of accomplished.

We will pay the 2nd billing request tomorrow as a mark of good faith but we find Northcon’s definition of completion a little out of the ordinary. The legal definition would we believe feature not merely the purchase of the materials but also their use/installation. Maybe it’s a word that doesn’t translate well into Tagalog!

As we enter a house that has no floor tiles, ceiling panels in only a few places, some roofing panels over the garage and the master bedroom, many windows not yet installed, doors not yet finally varnished or hung, no sanitary ware, kitchen units only partly completed etc. etc. we are apparently seeing something 81 per cent complete.

To be fair there is a vast army of men doing stuff all over the place at the moment so it will get to 81 per cent at some point but not today.

I apply a legal definition of completion while Northcon look purely at the cost on the basis that around 80% is the cost of materials and 20% the labor cost.

I think Northcon will actually do an excellent job and they will finish. If I didn’t have that faith in them, there is no way I would be willing to pay 81% of the contract price.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. For me it comes down to whether or not you trust your contractor. Northcon care which for me is everything. They have a certain pride in what they do and generally do it well or fix it if they don’t. What more can you ask. I just wish they would adopt a more sensible definition of completion. In my experience the definition Northcon use is the same one the Chinese use. The Chinese say they have done something when actually they have only just started it.

Fortunately our Filipino lawyer is not Chinese but I see no reason at present to involve him in the discussion as I still have confidence in Northcon.

…….When we visited the site today it had actually starting to look like a proper house. More windows had been installed, there was some roof on the master bedroom and even the ceiling panels for the same room. Certainly not 81% accomplished yet but an army of workers is pushing hard to get there. On the lanai railings had appeared on each side and in the living room a welder was almost finished fabricating the very first window security grille. Outside the perimeter wall at the front was starting to grow an everywhere there were piles of gravel, bags of cement and stacks of hollow blocks.

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4 Responses to “Isabela House (Construction Log 25) Windows & Contractors”
  1. House is coming along well, how far is it off completion now its got to be pretty close?
    Tropicalpenpals recently posted..Watching UK or US tv abroad on the internet using an identity cloaker

  2. Dave DeWall says:

    That’s quite a project! We just had a new roof and a new CR put in last year at our home in Guimaras province, the Philippines. Good thing we had a trustworthy contractor, that makes all the difference in the world no matter where you live.
    Dave DeWall recently posted..Former Filipino Beauty Queen Declares Iloilo City Cleanest City She Has Seen! HUH

    • rich says:

      Dave, your right he’s going all out, hes almost done now will have more posts up this week. You CAN’T overstate the fact you need a good contractor enough!!!

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