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Isabela House (Construction Log 27) Details Details


Over half the roof of the Hyner house is now metal tiled. Great sheets of the stuff have been pulled up on the roof for the past three days. Inside a variety of work continues. Ceiling panels are going up in most rooms as well as windows. Those in each bathroom are frosted for greater privacy. The steel security grilles for the larger windows are being created quite rapidly, just waiting for their decorative leaf design to be added and then it’s painting time. On the roof cappings are also starting to appear over the joins and a large gutter runs the whole width of the back of the lanai/viewing deck. Finishing touches are being made to the master bedroom ceiling prior to raising the floor with more concrete and applying the floor tiles. We have selected spotlights.

In addition more materials have been delivered for the perimeter wall and we have engaged an electrician to install lighting on the wall pillars and security floodlights. Materials cost has been calculated and we will negotiate shortly on the labour rate. We are also in discussions with our perimeter wall contractor regarding a pool, having already received a bid from Northcon, our main house contractor. Our wall contractor was responsible for the construction of a large public swimming pool, paddling pool and jakuzzi at Waterworld in the barangay of Ramon so we will be interested in obtaining a comparison quote from them. Depending on what offers we get, the remaining backfill and the entrance driveway are projects we may handle independently.

There are due to be rotated power cuts this week because of the impact of the long drought on HEP. So this will disrupt progress on finishing where power tools are required and this includes the roof.

House Construction Progress 17 March 2010

Every time we visit there is some feature being added that we had forgotten about. For instance the doorway between the dirty kitchen and the open laundry area has a molding around it as it is an outside door. All the outer doors apparently have these. I dread to think what these extra embellishments would cost to do in the UK, but then the whole house would be much more expensive, not to mention the land.

The average cost of a house in the UK is now £222,000 (P15.5M). In the south-east of England, even a two bed terrace house (joined at either side in a row of similar properties) will set you back over £160,000. Take an architect-designed house on three quarters of a hectare of land, similar to what we are building here, in the UK and you on another planet pricewise. Way beyond our means. But here you can have that dreamhome for less than the price of a UK terrace house.

The exchange rate of the pound vs peso is tragic at the moment but the compensation is that 1000 pennies (or £10) is the equivalent of a week’s wages for an average worker here. Hence you get a lot more for your money here when you want to build a house or run a farm or do many things. People are desperate for work so it’s a win win situation. You are providing much needed employment and they create an asset for you that you wouldn’t be able to afford in the UK.

As usual I pottered around taking photos of progress. Up on the deck the first floor tiles were being laid. While we were there this afternoon the foreman asked us to select from two pebble samples for the steps of the spiral staircase to the viewing deck.

We watched as the first security grilles were tested for fit to the bedroom 2 window. Inside the living room the welder had already constructed a number of similar grilles.

House & Wall Construction 20 March 2010

The perimeter wall is progressing nicely. More steel was delivered today to further strengthen the cross-beam structure and posts and binding supports will be added shortly. It is costly in terms of 10mm an 12mm steel rods but absolutely essential because of the weight of the backfill at the sides and the back where it will be 1.6 metres above ricefield level. At the front the difference in height is only around 0.4 to 0.6 of a metre.

A molding has started to appear around the entrance to the dirty kitchen from the open laundry area.

Work on the kitchen is expected to take another two weeks.

More security grilles are welded on the floor of the living room. It’s a good job that the living room/dining room area is big as it provides plenty of space for this kind of preparation.

Glass is in place to the side of the lanai doorway. Security grilles and steel door to be added.

This is the view from the viewing deck. While much of the vegetation is green el nenyo has left much of the ricefields brown as the irrigiation could not deliver sufficient water. Some of our rice will be OK, however, as we were able to pump water from nearby fishponds that are supplied by underground water.  It’s amazing that even after such a long dry spell there still seems to be plenty of underground water.

Note the mountains in the distance. These are more visible some days than others.

Mangligot house waits patiently for attention while the focus is on the main house. Soon it will receive its own roof and external finishing.

The front wall grows and soon will receive steel railings.

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  1. Dave DeWall says:

    Fantastic view of the mountains! Very decorative but necessary security grilles, and the roof really looks great.

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