Friday, August 17th, 2018

Isabela House (Construction Log 9) Box Construction


Things are beginning to take shape and in the absence of the release of the building permits the site is being prepared in every other way short of pouring concrete. So in a sense concreteless progress is being made!

This is probably the first time the box construction system has been used in Santiago City. Projects in Ilocos and further north in Tegeugarao have certainly seen its use, but not here before. At first glance the method seems closer to what one would expect for the construction of offices or shopping malls.

The yellow metal formers are in place at footings level right around and a network of steel rods is also in place. To ensure bonding of the concrete floor stones have now been spread over the compacted gravel. Channels for sanitation and water supply to the T&Bs have also appeared and are now occupied by plastic pipes in orange and terracotta. The smaller blue pipes are for the termite eradication system which has to be topped up every couple of years. In the distance a young boy watches while lying across the back of a large caribou (water oxen).

The photographs and video in this blog were taken over a period of 12 days.

The team have been told by our contractor that only Christmas Day and New Years Day are non-work-days. Otherwise every day will officially be a working day. Northcon have advised us that they are targeting this Tuesday for the start of pouring the foundations.

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