Friday, July 13th, 2018

Lot 41 / 21 Home Sweet Home


I recently posted that we had finally decided and purchased our retirement lot. It is located in the Subdivision Rancho Palos Verdes within the Barangay of Mandug / Indangan Davao City, Mindanao. It is about 20 minutes drive outside of Davao City proper. We looked at lots and subdivisions all over Davao City during our trip and online before our trip. RPV gave us all the amenities we were looking for and was just far enough outside Davao that the temperatures and traffic subside, while still being close enough to everything.

We have been to the golf course many times in past trips and always liked the facilities and atmosphere. This time we visited with a purpose! We picked about 10 lots from a subdivision map that was emailed to us by the reality staff. We spent the better part of a day with the sales people driving from lot to lot to physically walk the lots and see what we liked / disliked about them. We narrowed the list even further. (At the same time we were visiting other subdivisions) My parents decided to come to Davao at the same time as us and we took them to our slimmed down list on a separate day. After seeing all the lots we had chosen my father suggested that we get a unique lot that he picked from the map and then had the sales people drive us to. It was located on the golf course with fairway views. We had not previously considered golf course frontage because of the added expense of the mandatory up front membership to the club. But we were convinced otherwise.

The lot is 579sqm (about .15 acre) facing the 1st fairway on the course. It is relatively close the clubhouse (about a 10 min walk) and as you can see would really only ever be bordered by 1 neighbor. It is at the head of a small circular corner of a street, so traffic will be minimal. Even though it is only 579sqm it is still relatively large in comparison to subdivision lot sizes in the Philippines, where it is not unusual to see 200-300 sqm lots.

We had a topographic survey done on the lot. As you can see it is a pretty steep slope. The lot slopes down about 28 feet over the distance of 105 feet down the right side of the property. We love the idea of the home sitting on the slope and being partially submerged into the face of the slope. With the electricity costs being what they are in the Philippines ( the house being built into the face of the slope will surely help with the cooling costs. Our home would be situated to face east, so we will get morning sun and then nothing for the rest of the day as the sun passes over head and only hits the roof on the street level floor.

Next up our initial house design for the lot. Stay tuned.

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