Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Our Philippine House Project – Granite Countertops


Our trials and tribulations with finding and installing granite on our Philippines kitchen and bathroom counters.  Today it’s over — the granite installers are done and gone. We must have looked at every piece of granite in Iloilo City ten times.  We looked at Moostbrand,  AM Builders, Citi Hardware and Merit Marble.  Merit had some lovely Italian granite, but the price was a bit too high for our budget.  Much of the other granite was saw was just too bland for us.  Finally we found what we were looking for at AM Builders, Tanza. The granite we selected Here’s what it looks like installed: Granite installed This “Jun Li” granite is from China, as is most granite for sale in the Philippines.  The pattern is called “weave white”.  The price per 60cm by 220cm slab was P3,990.  We required four slabs to do our kitchen and a small counter in our bathroom for a total of P15,960.  After some haggling we paid P13,866 including delivery to Tigbauan.  AM Builder’s Depot recommended an installer.  After negotiation, we hired the recommended …

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Our Philippine House Project – Granite Countertops

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