Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Our Philippine house project: walls


Building our house in the Philippines. January 31, 2010.  We’ve just ended the first two weeks of construction.  We’re generally pleased with the progress.  We have thirteen workers on our crew including two foremen.  I’m on-site most of the time so there are three “bosses”. So far we’ve spent about $8,000 including “soft costs” (architecture, permits), equipment, materials and labor.  We’d like to keep our total cost to about P15,000 per square meter or about online casino canada $50,000 for the 150 square meter house.  Every day one faces decision which affect the cost.  Should we use 6″ block for a stronger house — it only costs a P30,000 pesos more!  Should the concrete floor be a bit thicker to reduce the chance of cracking?  Should we use 1/4″ thick angle bar in building our roof trusses or the thinner…

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Our Philippine house project: walls

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