Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Next week should prove very interesting. We have been told that a notice will be issued by the city engineers department although the content is at present unknown by any of this staff. When we visited city hall on Monday to ask about the overdue fencing permit the city engineer referred to a problem with […]

After the plan for our lot having been approved, it was marking out day when the boundaries of our land were permanently marked by short, round concrete posts set into the ground. So the engineer invited us to join in. Gina’s brother, Nelson, who is presently growing rice on our lot, also came along as […]

The Isabela House is the retirement home of Andy Hyner. Andy is from London, England and moved to the Philippines in 2009. He designed the house based off size cues from his house back in England. The house located in Santiago City, Isabel, Philippines, on the island of Luzon. Andy is a very detailed oriented […]