Saturday, June 9th, 2018

My nephew Doug Grant, a serious biker, is full of praise for the bicycle shops and mechanics of Iloilo City. Ai??He says, “the best bikes shops in Iloilo are invisible to Google on not onAi??Yellow Pages etc. Ai??They are found only thru social contact riding with Filipinos. These are GREAT bike shops, very impressive and bike-tech savvy owners. They can build custom mtn bikes of high professional

There are probably hundreds of money changers in Iloilo City. Here are a couple that I have had good luck with, good luck meaning that the exchange rates are good, the bills they have given me are good, they have not been too fussy about the bills I give them and there have been no instances of them trying to shortchange me:My favorite is Valiant Bank , a rural bank that seems to do a lot of money changing. They are located on the east side of Mabini Street, just a block or so from Robinson’s. Kiryu Money Changer , located Just beyond side (Valeria) entrance to Atrium on east side of Valeria Street is also good. Phone 338-1915 for rate.