Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Carport, almost done! Carport, big enough for delivery trucks Carport from the road House Construction Expense Report 1/1/2010 through 7/18/2010 (in U.S. Dollars) Equipment 2,379.95 Labor 9,465.06 Materials 36,341.32 Soft Costs 1,023.19 OVERALL TOTAL 49,209.52 Total includes stockpiled material; floor and wall tile, Hardiflex for ceilings, all plumbing fixtures and cost of carport. Ai?? Also included are the tools and equipment needed to build the house. Some of this (cement mixer) will be sold. Ai??Some (power drills, saws, cut-off saw, welder, grinder) will be kept after the job is complete. Ai??Many skilled workers are available, but realistically, the employer must provide the major tools. Ai??You may be able to hire a contractor with tools, but you’ll pay more. House is 150 square meters Carport is 36 square meters Size of crew: 7