Friday, August 17th, 2018

The Next House is the Last House


You have read about our retirement location and the specifics regarding where our property is. Now its time to introduce you to your home design. Our property if you remember is located within a gated subdivision just outside Davao City. The lot itself situated on the golf course and having a fairly severe slope. Upon seeing the lot we ditched our plans to have a single story home to reduce energy costs. We decided that we must build a multilevel structure to fit the lot. There is no possible way we could flatten the lot without having a cliff. Luckily we can probably achieve the same cost savings by building into the slope and using mother Earth to help us 🙂

We started thinking about size and room requirements. Since we were no longer restricted by 1 level, we could now afford to have larger spaces and a open airy feeling throughout. We decided we needed a large living room and dining room (I am sure that we will have guests over quite often). A kitchen that has all the things we are missing now in our current space. This left room for a pantry area on the layout. We added a half bath and a small room for access to the back of our saltwater fish tank. There are large glass doors leading to the outside from the living room allowing plenty of natural light in. Outside the house we have a fairly large covered deck area. We also have a nice size pool and dirty kitchen / bbq area along with a nice size table in a covered area. There is a changing room with shower as well.

On the 2nd floor we have the master suite, containing master bedroom, master bath and master closets. There is also a closet to the exterior of the master bedroom that was created from dead space. The whole idea of having our bedroom segregated from the rest of the house was the largest driving factor of this design. I know there will be times when I want to lock myself away from everyone else and this allows for me to do this. While still having great views of the golf course and the goings on below. The master bath has a large 2 person shower with a great view of the outside. There is also a 2 person jacuzzi tub and the rest of the normal bathroom accoutrements. The master closet is rather large to allow for cabinet dressers in the middle surrounded by hangup area.

The 3rd floor (street level) had very specific requirements. We needed to fit everything that we could not fit on the first 2 floors into this space. It was tough getting the design just right. Couple the space requirements with the fact that our lot at street level is fairly narrow and we have a very unique design at the top of the property. We needed to allow for a large carport, stairs, office, guest room, and my sons room. 2 bathrooms as well. Also we needed our service space. After getting to this point, it became clear that we would need 2 live in helpers just because of the mere floor size.

The design has not been scrutinized by a structural engineer as of yet (which it will have to be). Putting that much concrete over 3 floors on a slope will require some engineering. Some walls may move and there may need to be supports added somewhere. We are actively talking to architects in the Philippines regarding this design and the challenges associated.

Up next: Choosing a architect and the responsibilities of said Architect when building in the Philippines (they are very different than in the West)

Some additional 3d mock-ups.

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